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Alternative Model

Basic Info:

Lilith Mae

5 ft 0 in/125 lbs

Petite and curvy. Pale skin with freckles, red-blond hair and hazel eyes. Pierced all over.

Mesa, AZ – I have transportation and will travel.


Area of Interest:

I’m interested in shooting nudes, fetish and erotica, health and spirituality, fantasy, and glamour.


15 years professional experience in studio and on location.



If I can help you (and you can help me) make something incredible, please contact me. If I like your work or concept, I will trade time for art on a limited basis. 


Body Modifications:

3 Lower-lip Piercings
1 Tongue Piercing
6 Lobe Piercings (3 in each ear)
2 Cartilage Piercings (1 in each ear)
1 Navel Piercings
2 Horizontal Nipple Piercings (1 in each)
1 Vertical Clit-hood Piercing